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Aileen Bowring, Client of The Beauty Fountain, Aberdeen

The Beauty Fountain, a place I love visiting once a month. No make-up on, shoes kicked off, warm blanket over my legs and …………….. Relax. My CACI maintenance is about to start, bliss.

Story so far I started CACI when I was touching Forty – five, not keen to have injections and could not afford a radical surgery, was advised by a friend to try. The first thing I did was to find a trusted Facialist, who had been well trained by CACI and new a thing about the skin. Found and now hooked. My face is freshened, wiping away the tiredness and my eyes de-puffed. I have very sensitive skin and therefore CACI is tailored to what my skin can cope with, a little red, but that wonderfully fragrant creams that complete the treatment solve the problem. Once every two months a CACI mask is applied along with my usual “Lifting” of the jowls and eyes.

I am now in my mid-sixties and more so than ever enjoy a CACI, OH! How I glow and the compliments keep coming. For special occasions a RED Carpet - don’t need to say anything more.

CACI’s biggest fan.

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