Loved by Celebrities

Jenni Falconer

We hosted broadcaster Jenni Falconer from the Breakfast show on Smooth Radio at our London flagship, where she enjoyed a lift with CACI Synergy. Her early morning call times (4am!) for breakfast radio means her tired face is often in need of an energising lift.
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Sian Welby

We hosted the very lovely Sian Welby from Capital Radio/ITV This Morning fame at our London flagship where she enjoyed a lift with CACI Synergy. Her early morning call times (4am!) for breakfast radio means her tired face is often in need of an energising lift.
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Montell Douglas aka FIRE and Sonia Mkoloma, referee on Gladiators

Nineties series Gladiators is back. To achieve the ultimate in skin fitness, two of its stars recently toned and lifted their facial muscles with a CACI Synergy Signature Non-surgical Facial. Gladiator Fire, aka Montell Douglas, one of the 16 new gladiators, was the first British woman to compete at both summer and winter Olympic Games, […]
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Loved by Influencers

About Amino Lift Peptide Complex: The Amino Lift Peptide Complex is packed with skin-loving ingredients to help improve skin firmness and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Leaves me with the most gorgeous glow, and it soaks in lovely. My skin looks radiant and nourished after each use. Absolutely gorgeous.

@kellysbeautylife, Influencer

About the Hydro Mask: One of the most soothing masks I’ve used. It comes in two parts, so it is really easy to use and it fits really well to all contours of the face. Instantly soothing and calming as soon as it has been applied to the skin, it has been infused with a whole series of ingredients to pump the skin with moisture, so if you have dry skin, then this is a mask you really should try.

@beautyqueenuk, Influencer

About the Eye Revive Mask: So cooling. I love how it feels. Just want to walk around with it on all day. Especially with hay fever - this is perfect. Packed with green tea and cucumber extract. Will be stocking up on this one for the summer and leave them in the fridge.

@lanslondon, MUA

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Loved by CACI Clinics

I was first introduced to CACI over 20 years ago! I love that this incredible technology was originally created by a doctor for the treatment of Bell’s palsy. I took the plunge and bought my own CACI system, the CACI ultra, just over 10 years ago. Since then I have watched my business grow, introducing more and more clients to the benefits of CACI treatments. Recently I decided to upgrade to a CACI synergy system as I wanted to enhance the amazing results I was already achieving for my clients. CACI has become a massive part of my business over the years. I absolutely love seeing the results.

Sam Baggott, Therapy by Sam Baggott, Gloucester

The Beau Boutique brand has become well known for excellent results-driven skin treatments. So when were working on opening the Tenterden salon we asked clients what sort of treatments they would like to see there, some of the things that came up over and over were:

  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Skin tightening
  • Non surgical facial improvements
  • Skin enhancement

CACI Synergy was the brand and the machine that ticked all these boxes and more. It is non-invasive, produces amazing results and has been hugely popular with our clients since we opened. Every client that comes in for a CACI Synergy treatment, always rebooks another one straight away.

Our therapists are passionate about the treatments too and really enjoy carrying out the facial treatments because they give amazing results and the clients always give lovely feedback.

CACI has always been an important name in the skin and beauty industry so we are very proud to have it at Beau Boutique Tenterden and even more importantly, our clients LOVE it too! 

Charmaine, Beau Boutique, Tenterden

I have been in the beauty industry for 15 years and have had CACI for 10, and my passion is making people feel good about their skin. I have recently undertaken training to become an Advanced CACI Clinic.  Many clients have been coming to me for years and are loyal CACI clients.  I pride myself on maintaining high standards, tailoring each facial to my clients’ individual skin concerns by keeping up to date with the new CACI treatments. I love how CACI continually research and develop their technologies to deliver best results.

Lucie McHugo, The Beauty Room, Birmingham

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Loved by you

I can attest to the menopausal skin impact - I’m 52 years old and so glad I found CACI at Kind Beauty Microcurrent. My treatment is a non-surgical facelift with ETR for larger dark spots on my right check, which have darkened over the last few years. The spots are much lighter and I’m so happy. My skin is tighter, less puffy and my jawline is more defined. I can see it clearly on video meetings. My rosacea breakouts have become almost non-existent. Rosacea was a new condition with my peri-menopause stage. Finally, I hold so much tension in my face and scalp. The treatment simultaneously gives me a workout for my face, but also a chance to relax other muscles in my face, which I believe helps minimize the fine lines.

Dawn Wilmes Wood, 52

I work as a flight attendant for British Airways. The biggest issue I have with my skin when I travel is dryness. Mid-flight I will notice tightness in my face. My top tip for looking after my skin being a frequent flyer is just to make sure I keep my skin moisturised. The masks were easy to apply. I used the Hydro Mask on my return journey home  (generally night flights). My favourite thing to do is put one on so I feel nice and fresh for my days off. The Hydro Mask made my skin feel so hydrated and it had a lovely texture. I have used the Hydro Mask after being in the sun and not only did it make my skin feel cool after sun exposure, but it also stopped my face from peeling when it was burnt. After losing sleep on night flights, I tend to get puffiness and dry itchy-feeling eyes, however the Eye Revive Mask removed this completely and my eyes looked brighter and more awake. I struggle with my skin anyway, but after using both masks over the month, I have seen a definite improvement. I will be continuing to use them.

Charlotte Goodliffe, 20, flight attendant British Airways

Cabin air isn’t fresh, and I would often sleep in my makeup on a long-haul flight. Post flight, skin felt dehydrated and also oily. My top tip – I’d recommend to keep a good mask in hand luggage to apply post-flight. I loved using the CACI [Hydro and Eye Revive] Masks, particularly in the evening after landing – best to use when lying down. With the Eye Revive Mask my eyes felt a lot less puffy, brighter and more awake. My skin has improved since using the masks over the past last two weeks. My skin looks more plump and brighter.

Georgina Walker, 29, former British Airways cabin crew

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