For over 30 years, CACI has been making waves across the beauty industry, developing leading edge technology, synonymous with the ‘Non-Surgical Face Lift’. Alongside our professional treatments that lift and re-educate the facial muscles and rejuvenate the skin, we have created a curated ‘skinclusive’ line (in other words – suitable for all skin types and skin concerns) with clinically proven, cruelty-free ingredients that meet the meticulous standards you’d come to expect from a professional CACI facial.

CACI is about achieving beautiful skin without surgery, no matter your age. We celebrate real skin in real life.

We are committed to providing skincare solutions that can slip easily into your daily skincare routine and make you look and feel the best version of yourself. 

Packed with ingredients that deliver, these products help to enhance and amplify a regular skincare routine.

Amino Lift Peptide Complex

Cruelty FreeRecyclableVeganBritish Brand

Our featherlight, age-defying wonder serum does it all. Wear alone, before a moisturiser or as a targeted treatment, our vegan-friendly super serum contains a powerful combination of peptides, amino acids and plant proteins that immediately help to improve skin firmness and reduce expression lines and wrinkles, combating the signs of ageing. We call it our natural facelift in a bottle.
Studies on the effectiveness of specific Amino-Lift Peptide Complex ingredients demonstrated that after 28 days of use there was a 38% reduction in wrinkle depth.

"The latest wonder serum" Marie Claire

"Powerful lifting... I was very impressed" Telegraph Magazine

"Good science, good ingredients... Help to firm, lift & decrease wrinkles" Dr Clare Cushen

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Eye Revive Serum

British BrandCruelty FreeRecyclableVegan

Say goodbye to under eye bags and puffiness. Cheat your way to a blissful night's sleep with this line-smoothing, vegan-friendly lightweight eye wonder serum that delivers long-lasting hydration and visibly brightens the eye area. With calming and conditioning seaweed extracts, powerful peptides that work to diffuse the appearance of dark circles and boost collagen for smoother, firmer skin, water-binding hyaluronic acid, and line-reducing biotin.

"Our testers noticed a significant change in their fine lines and wrinkles" Good Housekeeping Institute

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Purifying Silver Mask

British BrandCruelty FreeRecyclable

The Purifying Silver Mask is infused with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory Pure Colloidal Silver combined with antioxidant rich ingredients to strengthen the skin’s natural defences and protect from free-radical damage, which is known to age the skin.


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Hydro Mask

Cruelty FreeRecyclableBritish Brand

Sets out to intensively hydrate and soothe dehydrated, parched skin, with ingredients that include skin-plumping hyaluronic acid, hydrolysed collagen and calming rose. Heaven in a face mask.

"After my first use my skin felt amazing. I looked fresh and hydrated and my skin tone looked more even." Beauty Bible Tester

Beauty bible gold award

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Eye Revive Mask

British BrandCruelty FreeRecyclable

Our SOS for tired, puffy, strained eyes. Hyaluronic acid, cucumber and green tea extracts work together to instantly soothe and smooth the eye area. Pop in the fridge before use. Think of it as a refreshing shot of ice-tea for your peepers.

"My eyes felt cool and refreshed and looked so much brighter after using it" Beauty Bible Tester

Hi best buy award  Beauty bible silver award  asos award

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Rejuvenating Hand Mask

British BrandCruelty FreeRecyclable

For a nourishing hand treatment - these gloves are packed full of hydrating ingredients - lashings of shea butter, hyaluronic acid and hydrolysed collagen. The fingertips can be removed (smart!), so you can give your hands a treat while you multi-task. Softer, more youthful-looking skin is - quite literally - in your hands.

"Intensive skin conditioning, deeply nourishes and hydrates" Stacey Lincoln, Makeup Artist and Influencer

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