The CACI Difference

Microcurrent technology is at the core of all CACI Systems. What sets our Microcurrent technology apart from other Microcurrent machines is our use of ultra-low frequencies in combination with skin resistance technology and a patented digital waveform.  Ultra- low frequencies penetrate deeper into the muscles,  helping to re-educate the muscles by improving muscle tone and elasticity. Our skin resistance technology uses a bio-feedback sensor to automatically adjust the electrical current delivered according to each client’s skin type. This makes for a more comfortable treatment that is tailored to the specific needs of each client.  Our unique digital waveform optimises results and comfort by gradually increasing in intensity to overcome skin resistance. It then rises to a peak in order to deliver the full power of the Microcurrent energy deep into the muscle.

With the introduction of the Synergy system, we have taken Microcurrent technology to the next level. Synergy’s new S.P.E.D® enhanced Microcurrent represents a significant breakthrough in Microcurrent therapy. Our unique S.P.E.D® technology enables for the first time, Microcurrent and the skin rejuvenating power of LED light stimulation, to be delivered simultaneously. This dual action technology has been clinically proven to deliver faster, more effective and longer lasting results than the traditional Microcurrent technology used by our earlier CACI systems.

CACI is a brand that has become synonymous with delivering effective treatment results without the need for surgery.

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