July 28, 2022  |  ,

Amanda Byram

Irish TV presenter has enjoyed CACI and during lockdown she loved the CACI masks: ‘Until I can get back to my CACI facials, these CACI Hyaluronic Gel Masks (Hydro Masks) have been my saviour.’

Amanda quotes in her blog ' What do J-LO, Jennifer Anniston and Madonna have in common? Great hair: check. Great teeth: check. Great talent: check. Age-defying skin: double-check. Yes, they all look amazing for their age – and in order to look this amazing, they have all taken to the salon and embarked on a course of facials. But not just any old scrub and mask affair; they are all self-confessed fans of the unique, science-led, anti-aging CACI facial. In fact, J-LO is so enamoured with the way this incredible game-changing machine that she even bought one for her home.'

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