July 28, 2022  | 

CACI hits New Zealand’s biggest professional beauty show

A year ago, Advanced Derma Care Ltd became CACI’s distributor in New Zealand, and recently showcased at the NZ Hair & Beauty Education Industry summit.  ‘There was a definite change in the type of exhibits this year – it was more about serious skincare and machines,’ explains Kim Ryan Managing Director of Advanced Derma Care.

‘We demo-ed all the modalities of CACI Synergy so that attendees could see its versatility. We wanted them to see the value of the machine as being the first choice for a new clinic, because they could achieve multiple functions in one machine, and it’s cost effective and space saving. For our more established salons, it was to showcase the need to upgrade and maximise return.’

Since the pandemic Kim has noticed a trend for therapists retrenching from retail/rental spaces and working from home-based salons. ‘CACI works well in both models as you are getting multiple devices in a very compact machine,’ she explains.

Kim concludes: ‘Our major success has been having Mary Overton (CACI’s Global Export Manager) and CACI supporting us every step of the way. We are starting to reap the benefits of having a strong brand like CACI and looking forward to a very positive 2022/23.’

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