November 9, 2022  | 

CACI introduces Advanced Clinic Status

CACI now offers existing CACI clinics the opportunity to become certified as a CACI Advanced Clinic.

‘The introduction of CACI Advanced Clinic certification will give businesses an edge that will make them stand out from other CACI clinics’ explains Managing Director Dean Nathanson. To be elevated to CACI Advanced Clinic status, the clinic will need to offer both CACI’s signature treatments and all of CACI’s advanced treatments, the clinic’s therapists will also need to complete a CACI Advanced Therapist training course.

Dean continues: ‘Aside from giving the business a point of difference over other CACI businesses, CACI advanced clinics will be able to perform a greater variety of treatments with their CACI system, enabling them to generate additional revenue streams.’

CACI Advanced Clinics will receive:

  • A 12-month enhanced website listing on the CACI website Clinic Finder indicating that they are a CACI Advanced Clinic
  • A CACI Advanced Clinic award to display pride of place in their business
  • A CACI Advanced Clinic window cling to let others know their elevated business status

CACI Advanced therapists will receive:

  • CACI Advanced Therapist certification
  • CACI Advanced Therapist badge  

The training day has been designed to ensure therapists are fully trained in ALL advanced treatments, and each therapist participating will be certified as a CACI Advanced Therapist.

The CACI advanced treatments include:

  • Jowl lift
  • Hydratone Facial
  • Eye Revive
  • Electro Cellulite Massage (ECM)
  • Electro Glove Hand Rejuvenation
  • Electro Glove Micro-Touch

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