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CACI Salon Success Story With Bell’s Palsy Client

Jessica Holley from Beauty With Love Jessica in Christchurch, Dorset has been treating her client Emma to a course of CACI Synergy signature facial toning, following a diagnosis of Bell’s Palsy in November 2022.

Bell’s Palsy is a condition that causes temporary weakness or paralysis of the muscles on one side of the face. British brand CACI has - over its 30-year history of microcurrent technology - built a reputation for successfully treating clients with facial paralysis, including Bell’s palsy.

Jessica explains: ‘We performed 10 signature facial lifting treatments initially twice a week and are continuing with alternative Signature Facial Lifting and Eye Revive treatments.’

Emma recalls: ‘My face drooped and was completely numb on one side. After a month of absolutely no improvements, I began CACI treatments, and after only two sessions I started to notice some small improvements and movement returning.

She continues: ‘By the end of my course of 10 the improvements were incredible. My face was back to looking completely even with almost full movement. I was so impressed with the difference it made and my skin feels wonderful. I have also had compliments on how much brighter my complexion is too.

I can’t thank Jess, my beauty therapist enough for her understanding, fantastic knowledge, and incredible kindness at a very anxious time. I would recommend these treatments to anyone and although my Bell’s palsy has eased, I will certainly be continuing with CACI as a wonderful treat to myself.’

Jess concludes: ‘I am so incredibly grateful to have been able to help such a lovely lady at such a difficult time. Thank you to this wonderful [CACI Synergy] machine!’

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