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CACI successfully treats Stroke client

Cleethorpes-based CACI therapist Rebecca Hyslop recently treated her regular and long-time client to a course of intensive CACI treatments after she had suffered from a stroke.

‘Alice, 76, has been coming to me for CACI for 11 years – I also treat her daughter and granddaughter. A sudden stroke affected the left-hand side of her face, in particular her lower cheek and the left-hand side of her mouth, leaving no strength in her muscles with her lips appearing thinner. Alice was distraught and enquired whether CACI would help treat this.’

Alice presented with facial palsy, a common result of a stroke – where the lower part of the one side of the face is normally affected. The face tends to droop, with the corner of the mouth often resulting in drooling. Speech may be slurred because of weakness of the muscles. There are different degrees of facial paralysis – sometimes only the lower half of the face is affected, sometimes a whole side of the face is affected and, in some cases, both sides of the face are affected.

Alice’s hunch was correct. In fact, CACI microcurrent was originally used in the medical field to treat Bell’s palsy and strokes before it was introduced into the world of aesthetics to help stimulate muscle tone and repair skin tissue.

As an experienced CACI therapist Rebecca was confident that treating her with CACI would help reverse the effects of the stroke, and yet wasn’t sure how long it would take. Rebecca explained: ‘She had the stroke on the Sunday and was on my treatment bed by the Wednesday, where I proceeded to treat her to CACI every day for an hour for two weeks. I realised that she would need to commit to an intensive course, and then we continued with maintenance sessions – three per week to ensure facial muscles were lifted and remained in place. I realised I needed to balance out the face and lift the muscles, focusing at first on the jowl area with the CACI Jowl Lift. I also customised her treatment using ETR pads to help stimulate and strengthen certain facial muscles. After two weeks we saw great progress. Without CACI, I believe she wouldn’t have recovered so quickly. In total she had four courses of 10 treatments between mid-May until end of June.’

Rebecca concludes: ‘Alice was a shadow of her former self and yet by the end of treatment her confidence had hugely improved. I’m so proud of the results we achieved with CACI.’

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