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CACI treats Bell's Palsy

Since the Pandemic, there has been an increase in cases of Bell’s palsy (a type of sudden facial paralysis). CACI are proud to offer a treatment solution. Known for its results-driven microcurrent technology, CACI was originally designed by Dr Thomas Wing to treat patients with Bell’s palsy.

Here in the UK, Martin Scott contacted skin care expert Lorraine Hart at award-winning health and wellbeing centre The Float Spa, Hove, East Sussex, after hearing she could treat his condition with CACI.

He recalls: ‘I found Bell’s palsy to be very tough mentally – not being able to talk, eat or drink properly, and having to tape my eye down each night.’

After discovering that CACI was originally designed to treat Bell’s palsy, Martin explained: ‘I wanted to start it immediately. Lorraine was very kind, understanding and patient. She listened to how I was feeling and was also very professional.’

Skin therapist Lorraine recalls: ‘Although I’d worked with CACI for 25 years, it was the first time I'd treated someone with Bell’s palsy. Previously, I helped to lift one side of the face after a client’s medical surgery, which worked extremely well, and she was pleased with the result. This gave me great confidence in what could be achieved with CACI.

 The whole of Martin’s right side of his face was paralysed. He couldn't close his eye and he couldn't smile on that side. It was extremely difficult and distressing for him as he was slurring his speech, and dribbling. He also had to tape his eye down as he couldn't close it to sleep. I needed to focus on the whole of his right side particularly his mouth and eye area.’

Lorraine was unsure how many sessions would be needed and what response Martin would get. She monitored the progress after each one-hour treatment. She focused on the right side of his face with the CACI probes, holding the muscles for the recommended amount of time, and gradually increased the microcurrent power over the course of treatments to help stimulate the muscles and nerve endings. Space was given between each treatment to allow the muscles to rest.

A day or so after his initial treatment, Martin saw an encouraging sign - slight eyebrow movement. He then started to see progress after each treatment.

Lorraine says: ‘I was extremely pleased with the result. After only four treatments, he regained full use of all his muscles and his face was symmetrical. After the fourth treatment (over 10 days) he was able to fully close his eye at night.’

She said: ‘It was a remarkable result. I had every confidence in CACI having used it in treatment for many years, but it was incredible after just four treatments. We got the best result we could have hoped for.’

Martin adds: ‘The results were nothing short of miraculous for me. Thanks to the CACI treatment, I was in and out of Bell’s palsy in 24 days. He concludes: ’Once treatment was over, I felt fantastic. I basically had my face and my life back. I would recommend anyone with Bell's palsy to try the CACI machine.’

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