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Introducing CACI Synergy into our business was the best decision we made in 2023. The response from our clients has been incredible. Our opening night in February was a huge success. We had clients queuing to book their courses. We took over £12K on the evening.

I’ve never felt prouder of my business than I did that night. Thank you to Lucy for her amazing support as she really helped us make it a huge success. We may have to purchase a second machine as it’s in constant use every hour, every day.

Gemma Jarvis, Beauty Lounge, Tankerton

You know the excitement on Christmas morning, or when you get something new and you set it up, but can’t stop using it? That is ME. I am so OBSESSED.

About CACI Synergy+

Chandini Mainie, Anita’s Health and Beauty Clinic, Antrim

A perfect combination of both electrical stimulation and the therapist touch that makes a facial feel luxurious topped off with all the benefits of CACI. The facial feels relaxing, and the therapists hands don’t leave your face, every inch of your face is covered in this facial, leaving you feel refreshed and most importantly lifted. You can zone out during the treatment into a tranquil and relaxing place, whilst the therapist is working wonders on the outside. Highly recommend anyone to try this facial.

The Signature Spa, Bishops Stortford

I’ve used machines multiple different CACI machines. When upgrading to Synergy my customers were excited about the better results. No one was worried about the fact the price was increasing. I have had clients who have been with me for a long time & everyone saw a marked improvement with Synergy.

Philippa, Natural Beauty by Philippa, Dundee

I did my CACI training in July. In September I was doing 6-7 facials per day with clients enjoying the facial and noticing the difference with their photos. Denise has been great, very helpful, approachable and quickly responds to calls and emails.

Suzanne, Serenity Beauty, Aberdeen

After looking into a number of different companies for non surgical face lift and skin treatment, I finally settled on CACI. I had ordered a machine from another company but when it arrived it was flimsy and wasn't what I was expecting or what i was sold so I sent it back. Denise came to the salon and was very thorough with the information she gave me. She answered all my questions and then I had a demo with the CACI synergy. I was very impressed with the amount of different treatments I could perform with the one machine and I especially liked the light therapy. We had a launch night and with the help of Denise doing demos we invited a number of clients to come and experience the machine and find out what it did. We sold 5 courses of Microlift and 4 courses of skin confidence and skin purity treatments on the night and several in the days to follow. We have so far carried out a full course of skin confidence on a young girl with acne scarring and her skin is amazing. For the first time in years she is able to go without make up. Her skin is glowing and dewy, she is now having one once a month to keep up her results. We have also finished 2 courses of micro lift and both clients are over the moon. The first client was very concerned with her jowls and general overall appearance of being tired. Her jowls have lifted noticeably and she looks fresher. She has found a new confidence and since having her course she has had an amazing new hair cut with a couple of extensions and her husband has said she looks 'smoother' even though he didn't know she was having the treatment. The second lady looks noticeably younger than her 54 years and recently got an email from a colleague saying she was looking amazing and asked her what skin care she is ussing. This made her day and put an even bigger smile on her face. CACI has definitely been a great addition to the salon and our clients are loving it so far and our result are speaking for themselves. We have a number of clients going through the course just now and we are excited to see their results. At Calithea Beauty we would highly reccomend CACI.

Calithea Beauty, Glasgow

I've had Caci in the salon for 6 years now, I am a small independent business in a small town. I started off with Caci Ultra, which was great and brought me a number of new clients and business was good. Not long after I purchased my Ultra, Caci released the Synergy. Knowing that I couldn't afford to buy another machine so soon I carried on happily with my Ultra. Every time I seen promotional material on the Synergy I was thinking I want this machine. I also had a few customers asking about the Synergy. In September last year after a meeting with Denise I decided to go ahead and buy the Synergy. I sold my Ultra privately and had that money to put towards the new machine. Straight away my existing customers were enjoying the benefits that the Synergy had to offer, with all clients noticing a stronger, more longer lasting result. It wasn't long before I had my first course booked in and I couldn't wait to see the results, they didn't disappoint! Before long I had several people signed up for Caci courses, resulting in me working a lot of over time and also turning people away. I've a steady number of courses booked throughout this year, and a couple that I've had to push back into next year as there's just not enough hours in the day! There's not another salon within a 45 mile radius that offers Synergy so I have people travelling from surrounding towns to come and have the treatment, its that in demand! For anyone considering taking on the Synergy as there first machine or upgrading I absolutely would. The results speak for themselves, the machine gives you such a wide range of treatments to offer and I love being able to make a difference to people Its an absolute must in any salon.

Jessica Downie, Beauty Within, Montrose

ABC is a family run business and it has always been our policy to use the best products and equipment to give our clients the most up to date and effective treatments available on the market. In our opinion, CACI has always proved itself to be the best available and therefore we have used them for 25 years. Over those years we have upgraded our equipment as new machines become available and added new machines to our list. We are so pleased with the new Synergy but our other machines have stood the test of time and are still being used today. We have 6 therapists who have been trained by CACI to operate the new Synergy machines ABC has a large clientele who are gradually moving over to the Synergy machine where it is proving to be more and more popular. We also thank the CACI reps for there continued support and look forward to many more years of being associated with CACI

Alison Daly, A.B.C. Health & Beauty, Motherwell

I love CACI Ultra! 20 years ago my goal was to have my own machine and 10 years on I’m so happy I got it. I’m still amazed but the results, and my clients love the treatment.

Lynsey, Beauty Point, Ayrshire

I bought the CACI Synergy machine this year for my new cabin at home. It is a real talking point when clients or friends enter the treatment area. They are intrigued to know what it does, and even more keen to try it out when they find out how much it does. It literally does 110 things and there's rarely a time where I don't incorporate these elements into their facials to accelerate their results. I get great feedback. My clients are addicted to the hydratone masks and the fact the machine gives results without downtime makes it a real staple piece of equipment for me and my clients. I'm so glad I was able to invest in something so advanced for my new business venture.

Katherine, Kaluna Therapies, Belfast 

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