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Advanced Derma Care Ltd is one of the newest members of the CACI family internationally. I say family - as in a sense that is how we have felt since undertaking the distribution here in NZ. CACI have been encouraging, inspiring and we know that there is always someone there to help if we need any advice.  Like many countries around the world dealing with the Covid-19 outbreak and lockdowns we have been challenged in ways we never thought possible, but CACI was there every month supporting us.

Kim Ryan, Managing Director Advanced Derma Care Ltd, distributor CACI New Zealand.

“I am delighted that I have invested in the new synergy by CACI - after been in the business for over 20 years, I was astonished that you and your clients can see instant results after one facial, which encourages the client to book more and recommend to others - this is the best investment I have made in the last 10 years."

Lynne Davidson, Revival Retreat, Glasgow

‘I’ve fallen in love all over again (don’t tell my husband). CACI has been a brand I have worked with for over 20 years. I’ve always known it was the best for non-surgical, non-invasive face lifting. I didn’t think it could get any better, BUT I was wrong. My new Synergy machine has so much more.’

Dale Evans, Skin Specialist, Gorleston and Hethersett

I always wanted to own a CACI machine.  I’d used many other non-surgical facelift machines in the past but it was always a CACI that I wanted, not just because they had the best name on the market but it was synonymous with non-surgical face lifting and promoting skin health, I always knew that this would be the machine to fit into my business for all the right reasons. 

In 2019 I discovered CACI Int’l were bringing out a new machine, namely the Synergy I knew that this would be the right one for me.  I asked the company to come into my salon and demo the machine, I was totally convinced that this would be the right decision so I signed up immediately.  Excitement and new ideas were running around my head.  The buzz was out there and my clients were very excited to try out my new Synergy machine with Jowl Lift and Eye revive proving to be my most popular treatments. 

I have never regretted purchasing this machine and it is by far one of the most used and popular pieces of equipment within my salon.  I not only offer all the signature and enhanced non-surgical facelifts from CACI but the Synergy is also part of my many combined treatments I offer in my advanced facials.  I love using my CACI Synergy and it is definitely here to stay. 

I’m sure that if you’re thinking hard just like I was about purchasing a CACI and worrying about if it will work for your business, then I would strongly suggest a demo and speak to the company on how they can support your business and help you with pricing, marketing, and promoting your business. I have absolutely no doubt you will succeed as I have done because CACI is a huge asset within my business.  The CACI Synergy really is a fantastic machine. 

Lorraine O’Kane, Beautiful You Liverpool

Lorna Pattenden, Enhance Beauty, Lincolnshire

Holly Richards, Bespoke Skin Clinic, Bingley

I introduced CACI into my salon 23 years ago and have never looked back. We have a very large CACI clientele, some clients have been having CACI with me since I introduced the original CACI MK1 23 years ago. We then invested in the quantum system 15 years ago which we are still actively using today. We took on our more recent investment in November 2021, the CACI Synergy system, which has paid for itself already and multiplied our CACI clientele even further. Our clients are absolutely delighted with the results we can achieve and find it a very easy maintenance treatment to follow.

Ashleigh Bland, Ponteland Hair & Beauty, Newcastle upon Tyne

'Since starting my Specialist Beauty business in 2004, I have always had CACI systems and products at the heart of the services I provide to my clients. I have always found they a reliable company to work with, providing excellent products that are well renowned in the industry. Their customer service departments have always been quick to provide and support, training and service whenever needed. I would heartly recommend CACI - International to any new entrants into the Beauty and Aesthetics business.'

Patricia Carrey, Specialist Beauty, Worcester

'After looking into a number of different companies for non surgical face lift and skin treatment, I finally settled on CACI.

I had ordered a machine from another company but when it arrived it was flimsy and wasn’t what I was expecting or what I was sold so I sent it back.

Denise came to the salon and was very thorough with the information she gave me. She answered all my questions and then I had a demo with the CACI synergy. I was very impressed with the amount of different treatments I could perform with the one machine and I especially liked the light therapy.

We had a launch night and with the help of Denise doing demos we invited a number of clients to come and experience the machine and find out what it did. We sold 5 courses of Microlift and 4 courses of skin confidence and skin purity treatments on the night and several in the days to follow.

We have so far carried out a full course of skin confidence on a young girl with acne scarring and her skin is amazing. For the first time in years she is able to go without make up. Her skin is glowing and dewy, she is now having one once a month to keep up her results. We have also finished 2 courses of micro lift and both clients are over the moon. The first client was very concerned with her jowls and general overall appearance of being tired. Her jowls have lifted noticeably and she looks fresher. She has found a new confidence and since having her course she has had an amazing new hair cut with a couple of extensions and her husband has said she looks ‘smoother’ even though he didn’t know she was having the treatment. The second lady looks noticeably younger than her 54 years and recently got an email from a colleague saying she was looking amazing and asked her what skin care she is using. This made her day and put an even bigger smile on her face.

CACI has definitely been a great addition to the salon and our clients are loving it so far and our result are speaking for themselves. We have a number of clients going through the course just now and we are excited to see their results.

At Calithea Beauty we would highly recommend CACI synergy.'

Calithea Beauty, Kirkintilloch

'I have had my business for 18 years, CACI Quantum was my first big investment and piece of technology I bought into my business, I have been a CACI stockist for 18 years. Bringing CACI in took my business to another level as it made me stand out from other salons and bought me lots of new clients being able to offer a results driven treatment. As CACI went on to advance the technology, i went on to upgrade my system to the CACI Ultra and later went on to bring in the new Synergy system I was the first salon to bring the system to the North East. I will always continue to have CACI in my salon, it has been the core of the business, myself and my staff still love performing the treatments and the results we can achieve.'

Phillippa, Freckles Beauty Clinic, Middlesborough

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