Loved by Influencers

‘Synergy treatment lifts and tightens the facial muscles and improves skin elasticity with fast, non-invasive and long lasting results...all whilst being so relaxing. So happy with the results.’

Stephanie Waxberg, influencer

‘BAFTA pre-pre. Thank you CACI for this glorious mask. It’s literally saved me.'

Zoe Taylor, makeup artist

‘My skin is now gagging for moisture so I’m using this hydrating mask from CACI for the first time.‘

Mattie Lacey-Davidson, influencer

‘Until I can get back to my CACI facials, these CACI hyaluronic gel masks have been my saviour.'

Amanda Byram, TV presenter

‘Couldn’t have arrived at a better time. Thank you CACI for my hand masks – they work wonderfully.'

Emma White Turle, makeup artist and beauty editor

‘...the mother of all facials as you get results...the facial is amazing. Some light dermabrasion is followed by LED light therapy followed by microcurrent to help lift and sculpt the skin. This is great for helping to get plump skin and you can especially work on eyes and jowls if that’s your concern. I loved the CACI Hydro Mask and loved the results.'

Ateh Jewel, journalist and broadcaster

‘Shea butter, hyaluronic acid and some skin-brightening ingredients–this (Rejuvenating Hand Mask) is plumping up the backs of my hands–mine are feeling particularly weathered.’

Olivia Falcon, journalist

‘Super hydrating face, eye and hands masks–intensive skin hydration. Exactly what I need.’

Francesca Abrahamovitch, makeup artist

‘Starting my day with some self-care with these gorgeous hydrating face and hand masks from CACI.'

Lisa Valencia, makeup artist

‘A gorge hydrating mask, perfect for a Sunday.'

Anne Sophie Costa, makeup artist

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