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On the 22nd March 2021 I woke with Bell’s palsy. I couldn’t believe the effect it had on my face. My eye was almost closed on one side and my lips and cheek had dropped. I was unable to drink, unless through a straw and my thoughts turned immediately to how I would treat the condition.
A friend recommended Viv at Beauty Xposure in Ware and after the initial consultation, Viv suggested a course of CACI which was completed over 6 months (one side of the face was treated then the other) and the results were beyond what I could have hoped for. My neurologist has also commented on my progress and is recommending CACI as a treatment now.  No surprise really - as the CACI machine was developed 30 years ago specifically to help facial paralysis and loss of muscle tone. I cannot recommend Viv enough. I am now maintaining the treatment once a month and will certainly keep doing this.

Theresa Proctor, client of Beauty Xposure, Ware

Paul Berrisford, 61, Client of Eden Beauty Cheshire

Sarah Brennan, 55, Client of Elysium Beauty Aesthetics

Congratulations on 20 years as a CACI specialist. As one of her original clients I remember MJ telling me about her new CACI non-surgical face lift machine. I felt sceptical so decided to try it for myself. My skin was much tighter, smoother and youthful, and still is with my regular maintenance sessions. I love how CACI are continually innovative with the latest technology and that you invest in their new machines & training,  helping to keep my skin at its optimum best.

Jennifer, Client of MJ’s Beauty & Aesthetics Clinic

I had my first CACI treatment as a treat for my 50th birthday. It was something I’d never done before. A course of 10 treatments followed and subsequently regular 4 weekly maintenance treatments. I often get compliments on how good I look for my age. Karen’s knowledge and professionalism has guided me gracefully through my senior years. I can honestly say she has been my saviour and I am proud to have not gone down the needle route even now. My advice to anyone is find a good therapist, trust them and reap the rewards.  I am now 80 years young and still look forward to every visit.

Sheila Whitehouse, 80, client of Ambience Health and Beauty

I’ve been receiving CACI treatments with Kirsty for 25 years. The treatments have really helped keep my skin fresh and soft. I often get compliments about how lovely and clear my skin looks. This is turn makes me feel confident to go make-up free. I did notice a change during lockdown when I was unable to have my CACI as I felt the lines around my eye area were more prominent. Luckily after six weekly sessions my face/neck were back to look great again. I really feel CACI is a worthwhile treatment.

Yasmin Litchfield, client of Elysium Beauty and Aesthetics

I have been having CACI treatment for approximately five years. I can honestly say it has made a dramatic difference to my facial tone. To describe it as a non-surgical facelift is absolutely accurate. Recently I have been having CACI on my eye area. Here, once again I can see a notable difference in the tone around my eyes, diminishing fine lines and reducing the deeper lines. I cannot recommend this treatment enough.

Fiona Rumley, client of Elysium Beauty and Aesthetics

I have been having CACI since I was 40 and am now 55. It wasn’t until we went into Lockdown in 2020, and I was unable to have the treatment, that I notice a dramatic change in my face.. I had jowls!!! It was as if my face had suddenly dropped and I looked older. It was then I realised just how amazing this treatment is and how the monthly cost was so worth it. After lockdown I started the treatment again, having the first 10 sessions close together and then resuming my monthly appointment and am happy to say my pre-lockdown face is back. I can’t recommend this treatment enough or the lovely Kirsty for keeping me looking young.

Sarah Brennan 55, client of Elysium Beauty and Aesthetics

I’ve been regular having CACI facials with Sarah for most of these 30 years. It keeps my skin firm and perky. I’m not sure what I’d do without it!

Wendy Coney, 59, client of The CACI Expert

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