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Charlotte Goodliffe, 20, flight attendant British Airways

I work as a flight attendant for British Airways. The biggest issue I have with my skin when I travel is dryness. Mid-flight I will notice tightness in my face. My top tip for looking after my skin being a frequent flyer is just to make sure I keep my skin moisturised. The masks were easy to apply. I used the Hydro Mask on my return journey home  (generally night flights). My favourite thing to do is put one on so I feel nice and fresh for my days off. The Hydro Mask made my skin feel so hydrated and it had a lovely texture. I have used the Hydro Mask after being in the sun and not only did it make my skin feel cool after sun exposure, but it also stopped my face from peeling when it was burnt. After losing sleep on night flights, I tend to get puffiness and dry itchy-feeling eyes, however the Eye Revive Mask removed this completely and my eyes looked brighter and more awake. I struggle with my skin anyway, but after using both masks over the month, I have seen a definite improvement. I will be continuing to use them.

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