October 30, 2023  |  ,

Dawn Wilmes Wood, 52

I can attest to the menopausal skin impact - I’m 52 years old and so glad I found CACI at Kind Beauty Microcurrent. My treatment is a non-surgical facelift with ETR for larger dark spots on my right check, which have darkened over the last few years. The spots are much lighter and I’m so happy. My skin is tighter, less puffy and my jawline is more defined. I can see it clearly on video meetings. My rosacea breakouts have become almost non-existent. Rosacea was a new condition with my peri-menopause stage. Finally, I hold so much tension in my face and scalp. The treatment simultaneously gives me a workout for my face, but also a chance to relax other muscles in my face, which I believe helps minimize the fine lines.

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