July 28, 2022  | 

Finalist in Safety In Beauty Award

CACI is delighted to announce that our award-winning multifunctional flagship system, Synergy, is a Finalist in the Safety in Beauty Diamond Awards 2022 for ‘Best Universal Product for Aesthetics/Spa/Beauty’.

Awarded to a product or a device which is universally popular and efficient for use across several sectors of industry, including aesthetic clinics, salons and spas. The winning product and device will demonstrate ease of use, safe outcomes, and have received consistent excellent client feedback.

Vote for CACI: Best Universal Product Award for Aesthetics/Spa/Beauty | #safetyinbeauty

About The Safety in Beauty Diamond Awards

Created in 2014, the Safety in Beauty Diamond Award is a reward for the rigorous commitment to providing safety, excellence and dedication in the professional beauty and aesthetics industry, and in a united belief in raising industry standards.

The Awards are a nationally recognised benchmark for a professional or brand that has undertaken a serious proactive approach to high standards, good practice and excellent outcomes.

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