May 31, 2022  | 

Krystyna Gibbons, 65, client of Enhance Beauty

‘I am turning 66 this year. I am never taken for my real age - usually 10 years younger. I have been having CACI (non-surgical facials) for 16 years, since first going to see Lorna at Enhance Beauty in Grantham before my stepson’s wedding. Prior to that I did not really have a particular beauty regime. Lorna and CACI changed my life! From my first facial I was hooked. My appearance was crucial as I worked with high-end blue-chip clients and organisations and attended events gala dinner awards ceremonies. I learnt to look after my skin through Lorna to compliment my CACI facials and I am always being complemented on my glowy skin. I can honestly say I will never give up my CACI. As well as being a great facial it is also my ‘me time’ once a month to relax and shut the rest of the world out - a true luxury experience.‘

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