New Micro-Touch Facial

At CACI we have incorporated the benefits of our microcurrent with the power of touch in one unique pampering, a results-driven facial using the Electro Gloves.

The Electro Gloves are used to perform both the Micro-Touch facial and Hand Rejuvenation treatment. The gloves are made of electrically conductive silver fabric, that when activated is stimulated with microcurrent energy.

The Micro-Touch Treatment is a hands-on 45-minute full-face treatment that combines CACI’s signature muscle lifting techniques with microcurrent technology for targeted facial contouring.

The Benefits of the CACI Micro-Touch Facial

  • The treatment focuses on muscle lift, tension release, and deep tissue relaxation, for more sculpted, toned enhanced facial definition.
  • The treatment manipulates and sculpts the muscles with firm, precise control.
  • See visible results after a single treatment, and longer-lasting, cumulative results when part of a course of 10.

Treatment Overview

  • The Facial is a 45 min treatment
  • The course of 10/15 treatments is recommended followed by monthly maintenance
  • The Treatment will be taught on the Advanced Training course only

What do you need to perform the treatment?

  • You must have a CACI system to perform this treatment
  • To perform this treatment you will need to have the Electro Glove Kit

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