Electro Gloves

The Electro Gloves are used to perform both the Micro-Touch facial and Hand Rejuvenation treatment. The Electro Gloves are made from a soft, electrically conductive silver material, that when activated is stimulated with microcurrent energy.

The CACI Micro-Touch Facial is a hands-on full-face treatment whereby a therapist performs CACI’s signature face lifting techniques wearing our unique Electro Gloves.

Micro-electrical impulses are transmitted through the fingertips of the gloves to provide precise and targeted facial contouring.

Bridges the gap between a pampering spa-style facial and the high-tech treatment results of CACI's Iconic Microcurrent Technology.

The Hand Rejuvenation Treatment uses conductive Electro Gloves which are fitted over the Rejuvenating Hand Mask to intensively moisturise, leaving the hands hydrated with a softer more youthful appearance.


The Electro Gloves are used in the following treatments:

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