July 28, 2022  | 

Treat and Protect with CACI’s Electro Mask

CACI offered a protective solution to the Government’s re-introduction (post-lockdown) of wearing face coverings for close contact services.

CACI Electro Mask was developed for clients to wear in response to concerns from our CACI salons that the new Government mask regulations may cause worried clients to stop having facial treatments, which would in turn reduce salon revenue. The CACI Electro Mask helped clients feel more at ease to continue a course of CACI.

Created with antibacterial, electrically conductive silver fibre technology, CACI’s Electro Mask,made in breathable cotton fabric, provided a face covering for the client and simultaneously worked as a treatment mask. It was an add-on accessory compatible with ALL CACI Systems.

With Enhanced Tissue Repair (ETR) connectors, the mask was used with ETR leads to provide a microcurrent treatment for the whole of the lower face, delivering a continuous flow of microcurrent to help heal and repair blemishes, scars, stretch marks and pitted skin. The therapist could perform treatments on the upper part of the face, whilst the client simultaneously received microcurrent treatment with the Electro Mask on the lower part of the face.

The CACI Micro Probes and/or Quad Probes could also be used through the Electro Mask to provide a CACI signature lift or CACI Jowl Lift treatment. The therapist could use the lower section of the Hydro Mask underneath the Electro mask, followed by the Hydratone rollers over the top to provide a CACI Hydratone Facial.

Adjustable ear loops, one size fits all. Each mask came individually packaged and was machine washable. One Electro Mask was recommended per customer and could be used for the duration of a course of 10 CACI treatments.

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