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Eve Barnard, Health and Wellbeing Director of Sunswept Resorts, St Lucia.

I was introduced to CACI in 1995 when I joined a wonderful international spa in Dubai and was working as a senior beauty therapist. When I finished the training, I felt amazingly confident by the superb knowledge, technique and levels that training gave me and I shall never forget it. I was very excited to start offering CACI to my clients immediately. CACI was received by all clients as something transformative – it firmed and improved their skin and after a few sessions they could see noticeable lift hence to say, it was a roaring success.

I introduced CACI into our Medi-Spa some 12 years ago at Body Holiday, LeSport, St Lucia. Our guests love the treatment and return and request it regularly - it’s very popular.

The Body Holiday Medi-Spa Team wish the CACI team the very best on this very special 30th   Anniversary and thank you for the wonderful training and support you have always showed us.

I know CACI will continue to be successful and respected by all clients everywhere as a British brand.

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