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Jessica Downie, Beauty Within, Montrose

I've had Caci in the salon for 6 years now, I am a small independent business in a small town. I started off with Caci Ultra, which was great and brought me a number of new clients and business was good. Not long after I purchased my Ultra, Caci released the Synergy. Knowing that I couldn't afford to buy another machine so soon I carried on happily with my Ultra. Every time I seen promotional material on the Synergy I was thinking I want this machine. I also had a few customers asking about the Synergy. In September last year after a meeting with Denise I decided to go ahead and buy the Synergy. I sold my Ultra privately and had that money to put towards the new machine. Straight away my existing customers were enjoying the benefits that the Synergy had to offer, with all clients noticing a stronger, more longer lasting result. It wasn't long before I had my first course booked in and I couldn't wait to see the results, they didn't disappoint! Before long I had several people signed up for Caci courses, resulting in me working a lot of over time and also turning people away. I've a steady number of courses booked throughout this year, and a couple that I've had to push back into next year as there's just not enough hours in the day! There's not another salon within a 45 mile radius that offers Synergy so I have people travelling from surrounding towns to come and have the treatment, its that in demand! For anyone considering taking on the Synergy as there first machine or upgrading I absolutely would. The results speak for themselves, the machine gives you such a wide range of treatments to offer and I love being able to make a difference to people Its an absolute must in any salon.

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