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Lorraine O’Kane, Beautiful You Liverpool

I always wanted to own a CACI machine.  I’d used many other non-surgical facelift machines in the past but it was always a CACI that I wanted, not just because they had the best name on the market but it was synonymous with non-surgical face lifting and promoting skin health, I always knew that this would be the machine to fit into my business for all the right reasons. 

In 2019 I discovered CACI Int’l were bringing out a new machine, namely the Synergy I knew that this would be the right one for me.  I asked the company to come into my salon and demo the machine, I was totally convinced that this would be the right decision so I signed up immediately.  Excitement and new ideas were running around my head.  The buzz was out there and my clients were very excited to try out my new Synergy machine with Jowl Lift and Eye revive proving to be my most popular treatments. 

I have never regretted purchasing this machine and it is by far one of the most used and popular pieces of equipment within my salon.  I not only offer all the signature and enhanced non-surgical facelifts from CACI but the Synergy is also part of my many combined treatments I offer in my advanced facials.  I love using my CACI Synergy and it is definitely here to stay. 

I’m sure that if you’re thinking hard just like I was about purchasing a CACI and worrying about if it will work for your business, then I would strongly suggest a demo and speak to the company on how they can support your business and help you with pricing, marketing, and promoting your business. I have absolutely no doubt you will succeed as I have done because CACI is a huge asset within my business.  The CACI Synergy really is a fantastic machine. 

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