June 23, 2022  | 

Louise Tilden, The Garden Room, Taunton

Having CACI has been a really good move for us. Clients are intrigued when they see the CACI Synergy machine and our own in-house case studies are enough for clients to want to try it. Once they’ve tried it, they want it again. Once they’ve invested in their skin with CACI they want to maintain it at home too. It’s been a phenomenal success and most importantly, our clients are delighted with it. We all LOVED the training and thoroughly enjoy performing our CACI treatments. It’s so different! Clients are telling their friends about it and we are growing our CACI client-base. I aspire to buy a second machine. Even my accountant has been impressed with the results. He was initially a little sceptical. I love my CACI Synergy Machine and so do my clients.

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