July 1, 2022  | 

Phillippa, Freckles Beauty Clinic, Middlesborough

'I have had my business for 18 years, CACI Quantum was my first big investment and piece of technology I bought into my business, I have been a CACI stockist for 18 years. Bringing CACI in took my business to another level as it made me stand out from other salons and bought me lots of new clients being able to offer a results driven treatment. As CACI went on to advance the technology, i went on to upgrade my system to the CACI Ultra and later went on to bring in the new Synergy system I was the first salon to bring the system to the North East. I will always continue to have CACI in my salon, it has been the core of the business, myself and my staff still love performing the treatments and the results we can achieve.'

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