June 23, 2022  | 

Rebecca, The Beauty Bank, Mytholmroyd

CACI is a system that I have always been interested in and I was really keen to bring a non-invasive, results driven treatment to the area. I only took on CACI in April 2022 and it has been a huge success since we have launched our Synergy treatments. At our launch event we booked 9 courses of treatments on the evening which was a great way to kick start my CACI business, only 2 months later I have now been able to take on a further 5 clients to start their course too, I feel we have not even scratched the surface yet as I have not been in a position to even advertise our new system as I have been so busy, some days only performing CACI, so I am looking forward to see what the future brings. Myself and my clients have been so pleased with the results.

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