June 22, 2022  | 

Tanya Crone, Lake view Beauty and Holistic Therapy, Whitchurch

I am so pleased that I took the decision to invest in the CACI Synergy. I had such a positive experience buying the machine from the very start and any questions I have had, training queries or maintenance questions are dealt with straight away. I can't recommend them highly enough. The training was amazing and I learnt so much and again any questions since have been answered straight away. Very professional and much appreciated.

Adding CACI into my business has brought me in new clients and referrals from those clients too. I can now offer a whole package for skin rejuvenation and anti ageing. The salon is definitely much busier and brings in the monthly maintenance treatments so upping my revenue even more. 

I chose CACI as it has such a good reputation and known as the no.1. treatment for muscle lifting. Made in the UK. and included the training because I wanted to do it properly. 

I had the idea of adding CACI into the salon after speaking to a lady who had used one on herself and in her salon and she looked about 20yrs younger than what she was and I knew I wanted to target the anti ageing/age well people.

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