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Transition effortlessly into Autumn with CACI

This month, be prepared for a sudden seasonal transition and adopt some good CACI skin habits, now. The ‘back to skin school’ season is all about damage control.

Summer Aftershock

Warning - our sun-parched skin should be handled with tender, loving care this season. The skin’s natural moisture barrier (or lipid barrier) has been damaged by the sun and heat so our skin loses the ability to hold water and can appear dull, flaky, tight and inflamed. How can CACI help strengthen your skin barrier?

In Salon: CACI Synergy Purifying Facial

The Purifying Facial combines anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory red and blue LED light therapy to help heal and trigger tissue repair. Using SPED microcurrent and LED technology, the treatment also includes ultrasonic peeling or controlled crystal-free orbital microdermabrasion to gently exfoliate the skin and slough off dead skin cells. A continuous flow of microcurrent is transmitted through our Enhanced Tissue Repair (ETR) Pads that are placed over key areas of concern to help repair damaged skin. CACI’s Wrinkle Comb (with LED Light Therapy) is used to target acne or mild breakouts – common when the season’s change. CACI Purifying Silver Mask is applied to the face, and excess serum massaged into the neck and decolletage. The therapist uses a massage tip with red and blue LED light over the mask to stimulate lymphatic drainage, boost the circulation, and reveal a calmer complexion. 

At home: CACI Purifying Silver Mask

CACI’s newest face mask calms and repairs extra oily and blemish-prone skin. With anti-bacterial and redness-reducing pure colloidal silver, repairing red algae and hydrating antioxidant aloe.

Heap on the Hydration

Colder weather is your cue to up the moisturising habit. Look for skincare with humectant ingredients, such as glycerin and hyaluronic acid. Dehydrated skin is often the reason for dull, tight skin, so make sure you continue to drink enough water throughout the day.

In Salon: CACI Hydratone Facial

For skin that feels Sahara-dry to touch (thanks to the cranked-up central heating), CACI’s professional Hydratone Facial deeply nourishes and hydrates, as well as firms and tones the skin. Facial rollers emit simultaneous microcurrent impulses to restore muscle tone and firmness and skin-repairing LED lights help to rejuvenate lacklustre skin. The rollers move over CACI’s award-winning Hydro Mask to deliver deeper hydration. CACI’s Hydratone Facial is an express treatment or it can be incorporated into a CACI Signature Non-Surgical Facial.

At Home: CACI Hydro Mask

Infused with hyaluronic acid, glycerin and hydrolyzed collagen this single-use silicone gel mask can help calm, hydrate and improve skin suppleness. Unfold each section of the mask and apply to cleansed skin on the upper and lower parts of the face. Leave for 10 -20 minutes. Any surplus serum from the mask can be applied to a dehydrated neck or decolletage.

Brighten Those Peepers

There's something particularly annoying about dragging yourself out of bed when it's still dark outside that makes mornings even more painful in the colder, darker months. It seems to have a major effect on our eyes too. The under-eye area can appear puffy with dark circles, so we end up looking permanently tired.

In Salon: CACI Eye Revive Treatment

An express eye treatment recommended two to three times a week, combines active microcurrent eye rollers, infused with CACI Eye Revive Gel. 

At Home: CACI Eye Revive Serum

Our line-smoothing, vegan friendly lightweight serum contains hyaluronic acid, carrageenan (seaweed extracts) and peptides to help plump up the fragile skin around our eyes and help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The serum will soothe tired skin, reduce puffiness, and help you look and feel more alert.

CACI Eye Revive Mask

With hyaluronic acid, cucumber and green tea, keep in the fridge overnightand apply it first thing in the morning – acts like a refreshing splash of water on the eyes. A cooling SOS post-squinting-in-the-sun.


Our hands post-summer can be a real giveaway when it comes to the tell-tale signs of ageing.  Rather than hide them out of sight, CACI’s age-defying, hydration-boosting professional hand treatment and accompanying at-home care will encourage you to reveal, not conceal.

In Salon: CACI Hand Rejuvenation

With a unique combination of CACI’s Rejuvenating Hand Mask and Electro Glove technology, it leaves hands feeling silky smooth and looking visibly softer and more youthful. Made from electrically conductive silver fibre and antibacterial material, the Electro Glove is fitted over the Rejuvenating Hand Mask and, when activated with the CACI System, deliver tiny electrical impulses that help to improve skin firmness and boost circulation. For a simultaneous hand and face treatment, it can also be combined with CACI’s Non-Surgical Facial (for a 70-minute treatment) using CACI’s most advanced system to date, CACI Synergy.

At Home: Rejuvenating Hand Mask

Containing water-binding Hyaluronic Acid, hydrating Hydrolysed Collagen and nourishing Shea Butter, the mask helps to reduce the signs of ageing by plumping up the skin and smoothing out uneven texture and the appearance of fine lines. The removable fingertips enable the Hand Mask to be worn whilst doing everyday tasks, for example continuing to work at a computer. Leave on for 20 minutes, before massaging excess product into the cuticles, palms and up to the elbows (there’s a generous amount of hand-nourishing cream in the mask) until fully absorbed.

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